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The Power and Importance of Inclusivity within the Beauty Industry



Beauty comes in various skin tones, ages, heights, and sizes. It’s important for the beauty industry to include and acknowledge people from around the world because beauty doesn’t have a specific definition. Plus, it sucks when you’re not able to see yourself within the so-called ‘standard’ of beauty!

Throughout the years, women have always had to live up to a certain standard of beauty like being a certain weight, shade, height, and much more. Even though beauty trends and standards change like the weather, those standards and styles do not, we repeat, DO NOT, define the beauty you were born with. Every woman is beautiful in their own unique way so, we’ve decided to share with you a few of the millions of beautiful women from around the world!

Jackie Aina 

Credit: Instagram

Do you see how beautiful Auntie Jackie aka Jackie Aina is? Jackie Aina has been a pioneer for Black influencers and YouTubers through the years. She embraces her Nigerian culture and doesn’t have a problem with rockin’ her poppin’ curls! After comments about the hyperpigmentation on her thighs and underarms, she told people that she’s proud of her body and it’s okay to have discoloration (trust and believe most women have it). She went on to say that just because you have darker spots doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful! Period! You heard auntie, embrace every part of your body! 

MonicaStyle Muse 

Credit: Instagram

All the Afro Latino babes please stand up! MonicaStyle Muse is known for her bright colorful personality and of course her pride for her nationality. Monica incorporates her culture in all of her content weather it’s her speaking Español, dancing the Bachata with her mommy, or cooking her native foods, she’s representing Afro Latinos in a big way! By the way, have you checked out her new hairstyle! It’s the fro for us! 😍 😍 😍

Sagonia Lazarof

Credit: Instagram 

Sagonia is Assyrian and has an infectious personality plus she has the makeup and fashion game on lock! She gives some of the best beauty hacks, especially if you’re trying to hide an unwanted pimple! What’s NOT to love about her?

Kortney Russell 

Credit: Instagram

We see you miss mamas! Plus-sized models are important especially in the beauty and fashion industry because people come in different sizes and shapes. Let’s be honest, it’s not 2002 anymore and not everyone is a size 2! So ladies, don’t be shy to embrace those curves! 

Michelle Diaz

Credit: Instagram

Tú hables Español? If you haven’t already, you’ve got to check out Michelle Diaz. She loves her nationality and it shows! In some of her Instagram photos and YouTube videos, she makes sure to show her Spanish speaking audience love by doing tutorials all in Spanish for them. Her internal beauty and love for her heritage make her even more beautiful! 

Michelle Choi 

Credit: Instagram

Do you see this sweater and eye shadow combo? Our girl Michelle Choi is known for her simple chic make-up looks, Korean skincare routines, and being an introvert. Her natural beauty shines bright and her vlogs about living alone are purely enjoyable. She represents beauty in her own unique way and she embraces the parts of her other may consider ‘quirky’, but to us, we consider her a truly beautiful! 

Next time you’re getting ready and applying your favorite pair of LashKandii eyelashes, make sure to tell yourself that you’re beautiful in more ways than one. Plus, while you’re at it, make sure to tag us on Instagram with what makes you feel the most beautiful! 


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